Progress (Lessons from the 2012 Election)

Here’s what we’ve learned this week:

1) There are real consequences for belittling the horror of rape.  All of the men who said profoundly ignorant stuff on this topic were rejected by the voters:

2) The first presidential candidate to openly support marriage equality wins re-election.  At the same time, every referendum at the state level regarding same-sex marriage comes down on the side of gay rights.

3) When a question about women’s financial equality came up in a presidential debate, one guy said some weird shit about “binders” and women getting home in time to cook dinner, while the other guy provided an answer that demonstrated his genuine belief that women are people.  Outcome: America sides with feminism.

And best of all:

4) We now know that it wasn’t a fluke for the biracial son of a single mother to beat the son of white privilege and money.  This is a thing that happens now in the United States of America.

We’re making progress and it feels as good as sunshine on my face.



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