Neon “Ugg” Boots

Because, apparently, the original wasn’t ugly enough.


One thought on “Neon “Ugg” Boots

  1. Seriously now, as a college student, Ugg boots are something that I see everyday; and incidentally, I shake my head in disgust at their mere existence. I understand the appeal, though. The boots are warm and, when your feet are bound to get chilly while sitting in a drafty lecture hall, their ugly appearance is a small price to pay for cozy toes. The comfort not withstanding, I am a full time student, so my grunge factor is usually somewhat tremendous; still even I won’t stoop to the level of putting my feet into giant neon moon boots that are (as named in their title) “UGG”LY. Not to mention that they don’t repel water, they suck up road salt, and while the lack of ventilation to your feet makes them toasty warm, it also makes them sweaty and rancid with foot odor when you do finally take them off.

    Now, I don’t know about other people, but I bus to campus every day, which means I stand around in the elements during a normal Minnesota winter. The boots I have to protect my feet are cute fake leather boots that not only keep my feet warm when I wear them with thick socks, but they keep my feet dry which is the key to keeping them warm. Essentially, my boots do everything that boots should do, and also everything that Ugg boots don’t do… I don’t want to come across as some kind of “boot elitist”, but…. No… I do… Ugg boots are terrible and the fact that they exist fills me with disgust…

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