A Bra With a Pocket

Sometimes when I’m going out, to a bar or a club where I know it will be crowded or where I know I’ll be dancing, I don’t want to bring my purse.  Too bad many cute lady-outfits lack pockets and I can hardly go out without my ID or any form of payment beyond my charming smile.

I’ve considered a number of strategies, including:

-bringing along a man-servant to hold my things in his utilitarian man-pockets.

-drinking (assuming they don’t card me) and dashing (assuming I don’t get body-slammed by a bouncer)

-Stuffing the goods in my bra, getting them all sweaty, worrying all night about losing them, and having to grope myself every time I need to access them.

-Inventing some sort of bra with a built in pocket.

Well, as it turns out, a bra with a built-in pocket was already invented, and there are a number or attachable bra pockets for sale.  Here is a great example of a thing I’m glad exists!


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